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About Us

Diana Hauser and Alisa Woodruff are the head trainers for the Off Leash K9 Training program in the Triangle area. Diana Hauser is a graduate of North Carolina State University with dual degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Alisa is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Business Management with a minor in Communications. Most of her professional background revolves around marketing. Alisa started formally working with German Shepherds in 2006 and Diana in 2005; however both ladies have been working with dogs since they were young.

Diana and Alisa have been working together for 5 years however, their experience and love for dogs far exceeds that time frame. Their friendship started with a love and mutual respect for dogsā€¦ especially, German Shepherds. In 2010, they co-founded Southeast German Shepherd Rescue and reside on the board of the organization acting as President and Vice President. Southeast German Shepherd Rescue has grown significantly over the last several years. The rescue has achieved a 6 figure operating budget and shown impressive growth making them one of the largest German shepherd rescues in the country. Between them, they have over 15 years of experience in working with dogs on a daily basis.

In addition to their business experience, Diana and Alisa’s homes are temporary refuge for a variety of foster dogs through their rescue program. The dogs come with all sorts of behaviors: scared dogs who are from abusive situations and need to learn to trust again, lonely dogs that simply need a belly rub and some kind words, insecure dogs who may act out and need help learning how to be secure, dogs that are unruly and just need fair rules, boundaries, and limitations, puppies that need hand-raising and basic potty training and more. The continued work through Southeast German Shepherd Rescue allows both ladies to use their skills to help dogs of various personalities find and adapt to loving forever homes. Since the rescue’s inception, Diana and Alisa have personally trained and placed hundreds of dogs throughout the years.

Diana and Alisa are thrilled to bring Off Leash K9 Training to the Triangle, specializing in the same dog training techniques used by the military and law enforcement. This style of training encompasses their core beliefs and philosophy of consistency, fairness, and crystal clear communication that will turn your dog into a well behaved member of society in any situation.

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Phone: 919.802.3522 or 919.604.8822