Dog Training Durham NC / Raleigh NC Faqs

Q. Where do you train?

Our Dog Training Durham NC location is Piney Woods Park. Our Wake County location varies. We try out best to accommodate schedules to make things easy for our clients. We do not normally prefer In-Home training as a rule. That is where your dog is the most, well behaved. However, there are a few cases where you may need In-Home training and we do offer a package to accommodate these situations. We believe in real world, unpredictable distractions and work under those distractions so that your dog learns to listen under any condition.

Q. What is an e-collar?

Modern day e-collars use the same technology that you’ll find in tens machines that are used in physical therapy or chiropractic offices. Our training methods use low level stimulation which mimics that of a “tap on the shoulder” for dogs, and our results speak for themselves. Our ultimate goal is for your dog to be flawlessly obedient without stimulation from the collar, with distractions, and we work with you and your dog to make that possible. The collar ends up being like an invisible leash.

Q. Will an e-collar hurt my dog or affect their personality?

The short version? No. The e-collar will not hurt your dog. Please check out the link to our blog and read up for more info on the e-collar: Will Ecollar Training Harm My Dog

Q. Can I use a previously purchased e-collar?

We only accept Einstein e-collars model numbers 300TS, 400TS, or 1200TS in training. If you do not have an Einstein e-collar with one of those model numbers we will not be able to use your previously purchased e-collar.

Q. What sets your training apart from the rest?

1.      An off leash future for your dog with more freedom to enjoy life. Our goal is for every dog to know what it’s like to have the freedom of being a dog. We want every owner to experience the confidence, joy, and pride of having a dog that is reliable, and consistently well behaved under any level of distraction.

2.dog training durham nc      Hope for EVERY dog… ANY BREED, ANY AGE, and ANY SIZE. We don’t discriminate and … German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Pitbulls are a few of our favorite breeds. Have an aggressive dog that no one else could help you with? Have a shy dog that bites out of fear? Have a reactive dog that can’t walk down a street by another dog without going crazy? Have a hyperactive dog that can’t seem to focus on anything? Been kicked out of other obedience classes? Been told your dog is not trainable? Well, we can help! THAT is the difference. We are the last trainers you will need. Dogs are never too old, fat, slow, or hyper to learn using our methods. Aggressive and dogs with confidence issues are our specialty. Call us! We CAN help.

Q. Do you offer group classes?

No, we do not and we never will. I have never seen a dog impress me with obedience that came from a group class. You are paying for my undivided attention… not for 10 minutes of my time while I spend the 50 minutes working with 9 other people in a class. One on one attention is one of the reasons we are able to accomplish so much in just a few short weeks.

Q. How much do I have to practice?

If you choose to take lessons you must commit to practicing 30 minutes a day at minimum but ideally you would need to practice for 45 minutes to an hour daily. This practice needs to be done in a variety of locations in order to achieve optimal results.

If you choose our Board and Train package you must commit to maintaining the results and incorporating training into your daily life. Our board and train program is designed to give you the best possible version of your dog. We do not produce robots, nor can we promise your dog will be perfect without follow through on your part. We do include free refresh lessons as part of our board and train program.

Q. How do I book an appointment?

We have upgraded our booking system to BookFresh. We do still accept checks as payments so if you desire to pay by check or cash please email [email protected] for the BookFresh link 🙂 If Paypal is your preferred payment method, Paypal will redirect you to our booking page upon payment completion.