Top 10 Favorite Places to Walk Your Dog in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill

Our Top 10 Favorite Places to Walk

As we head into the new year many are working hard to get in their 10,000 steps a day. While your getting in your daily exercise requirement wouldn’t it be great for your dog to fill their daily exercise needs as well?

Dogs need anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise each day. This need is based on the age of your dog, breed, and energy level. A great way to meet your dogs exercise needs is to go for a daily walk, however, who wants to go on the same walk every day; 365 days a year? Not me and definitely not my dogs! To help you out we put together a list of some of our favorite places to walk in the triangle area!

1. Lake Lynn – 7921 Ray Road Raleigh NC

Located in the heart of Raleigh, this is one of our favorite places to walk in the triangle area! Lake Lynn is a 2 mile loop of paved trails and walking bridges. While walking around the lake keep an eye out for turtles sunning themselves, squirrels playing or for the ducks and geese who frequent the lake.

2. Neuse River Trail – Various Parking Lots along the trail Raleigh NC

Looking for a long distance walk or maybe you just want to go for a mile or two? The Neuse River Trail offers over 30 miles of tree lined trails providing a multitude of wildlife viewing opportunities. This trail has parking lots spaced all along the trail making it a convenient place to go! In addition, this trail is part of North Carolina’s Mountain to Sea Trail that connects the Smokey Mountains to the Outer Banks.

3. Art to Heart Trail – 2110 Blue Ridge Rd Raleigh NC

Located in the heart of Raleigh this 164 acre park has 5.9 miles of trails winding through sculptures and college campus’s and downtown Raleigh. You can choose do the entire trail or hit one of the many smaller loops through the Art Museum. Parking is free and the photo opportunities abound!

4. Umstead Park – Reedy Creek Entrance 1800 N Harrison Ave Cary NC

Winding between Interstate 40 and Highway 70 you will find William B. Umstead Park. This park offers everything – camping, boating, hiking, fishing, and even trails for riding! With over 20 miles of trails and loops this park is great for a short walk or a day long hike! Want to see all the trails yourself? Check out this map!

5. Eno River Trail – 6101 Cole Mill Rd Durham NC

Located in Durham the Eno trail offers a little bit of heaven along the Eno River. Offering a variety of difficulties and inclines take a hike through the hardwood forests of Eno State Park. This trail is part of the Mountain to Sea Trail and offers local residents almost 28 miles of trails.

6. American Tobacco Trail – Various Parking Lots in Durham, Wake, and Chatham Counties

Crossing through three counties the American Tobacco trail offers 22 miles of paved and gravel trails suitable for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Again there a parking lots all along the trail making this a convenient location for many triangle area residents.

7. Morgan Creek Trail and Merritts Pasture – Parking lot off of Fordham Blvd Chapel Hill NC

This short and sweet trail ends at the beautiful open Merritts Pasture. You can continue to walk the entire pasture or just sit and have a relaxing day reading or playing fetch with your pup!

8. Bolin Creek Trail – 120 South Estes Drive Chapel Hill

Nestled in the heart of Chapel Hill this 3 mile out and back trail is a fabulous place to walk for all skill levels. Bikers, Hikers, and Joggers can utilize this trail year round.

9. North Carolina Botanical Gardens – 100 Old Mason Farm Rd Chapel Hill NC

This conservation garden offers multiple natural areas including Piedmont Nature Trails which offers over 88 acres trails, Battle Park which is over 90 acres of trails and open fields and a number of gardens and other natural areas.

10. Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area – 625 Virginia Cates Road Hillsborough NC

Up for a bit of a road trip, check out Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area’s 3 miles of trails along the bluffs of this beautiful mountain. After your hike enjoy a picnic or some quiet time by the river.


Do you enjoy the trails around the triangle as well? If so, comment on your favorite walking trail below!



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